What Does the Ringing Sound Mean?

Viewers searching for a Painkiller smoke alarm meaning will find the explanation here. What does the ringing sound mean? Here’s the full breakdown of the Painkiller fire alarm. What does the smoke alarm mean in Painkiller? The smoke alarm sounds whenever Richard Sackler is battling with his conscience. The smoke alarm is a metaphor for … Read more

Sound of Freedom movie review (2023)

Handsomely stark scenes are often reduced to three or four lines of dialogue, including the eureka moment of how Ballard gets involved in the process. A work buddy asks him how many children he’s saved, so Ballard changes his line of work. Mira Sorvino, as Ballard’s wife Katherine, plays a character who is credited at … Read more

Sound of Freedom neck-and-neck with Indiana Jones at the July 4th Box Office

Sound of Freedom, a faith based indie, was neck-and-neck with the mega-budget Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny at the July 4th box office. In a shocking turn at the box office, Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny was beaten at the box office on July 4th, by a wide margin, by the … Read more