The ‘Masters of the Universe’ Movie Finally Has Its He-Man

Meet the new He-Man: Nicholas Galitzine.

It was revealed today that Amazon MGM Studios has found the lead for its long-awaited (live-action) reboot of the Masters of the Universe film franchise. And it’s Galitzine, who can now be seen (on Amazon’s Prime Video, perhaps not too coincidentally) in the Anne Hathaway rom-com The Idea of You. In that film, he plays the moody and hunky member of a boy band who falls for the mother (Hathaway) of one of his fans.

It’s not a particularly He-Man-esque role. But one assumes he’s already getting into shape to play a heroic barbarian who walks around shirtless in a hairy loincloth.

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This is the latest of countless attempts to relaunch Masters of the Universe as a big-screen franchise. The last time there was a He-Man movie in theaters the year was 1987 and He-Man was played by a young Dolph Lundgren. Since then, numerous studios have tried to make their own film version of the popular ’80s toy line. In recent years, Netflix was looking to make a Masters movie; at one point Noah Centineo was attached to play the lead. He left the project in 2021; in 2023, Netflix decided against movie forward with the film, supposedly because the budget had grown too large.

This Masters of the Universe from Amazon MGM is being directed by Travis Knight and will supposedly follow a Prince Adam who lands on Earth and then returns to Eternia to stop his arch-nemesis Skeletor by becoming He-Man — a slightly revamped premise than the franchise’s standard storyline.

Masters of the Universe is scheduled to open in theaters on

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