The first trailer for Furiosa has finally been released!

Anya Taylor-Joy enters the Wasteland in the first trailer for George Miller’s Furiosa, the long-awaited prequel to Mad Max: Fury Road. It’s been eight long years since we last visited the Wasteland, but the first trailer for Furiosa has finally been released. Oh, happy day! Starring Anya Taylor-Joy as Imperator Furiosa, the Mad Max: Fury … Read more

James Cameron’s ‘The Abyss’ Blu-ray and 4K Finally Announced

When a one-night-only theatrical re-release of James Cameron’s The Abyss (remastered in 4K! It has all four of the Ks guys!) was announced earlier this week, you knew that meant a high-def home video release of the movie, which has long been sought after by Cameron fans, was finally in the offing. And here is the announcement: The Abyss … Read more

Matthew Lillard can finally talk about his Five Nights at Freddy’s comeback

With the actor’s strike finally over, Matthew Lillard can finally talk about the plum role he has in Five Nights at Freddy’s. In a recent THR interview, Lillard mentioned being thrilled about how fans have reacted to the film, noting: “Being 53 years old — and being around the block a couple times — I … Read more

we’re finally getting a sequel to It Follows

It Follows writer/director David Robert Mitchell and star Maika Monroe are reteaming for the sequel They Follow We’re coming up on the nine year anniversary of the release of writer/director David Robert Mitchell’s horror film It Follows – and NEON has announced that Mitchell is finally moving forward with a sequel, to be titled They … Read more

The Entire Marvel Infinity Saga Is Finally Streaming on Disney+

Although there was no Disney+ at the time Disney acquired Marvel, it has become one of the most valuable cornerstones of the company’s movie library — because if you want to watch the films of the Marvel Cinematic Universe on streaming, you have to do it at Disney+. Ah, but not every movie in the MCU … Read more

John Woo Finally Returns With ‘Silent Night’ Trailer

It’s been 20 years since John Woo made an American thriller. The master of Hong Kong action films like The Killer and Hard Boiled initially came to Hollywood in the early 90s, and found success with a string of very Woo-ish action flicks like Face/Off and Mission: Impossible II. But after a couple of flops he returned home and has been … Read more