The Russo Brothers Adore James Gunn, Wouldn’t Direct DCU Batman Movie

The brotherly directing duo of Joe and Anthony Russo are no strangers to directing big superhero projects, but one project they have no interest in doing is a Batman film.

Recently, rumors have popped up that the pair wanted to direct a Batman film after an interview with saw the pair say Batman is one of their favorite characters.

However, the pair clarified that directing a Batman movie is one thing they would “never, ever do” in a recent interview with Fandango during a red carpet event. Though they wouldn’t do a Batman movie, the duo stated that they “adore” DC Studios Co-CEO James Gunn and would be happy to work with him.

“We love James [Gunn], we adore him,” Joe Russo said. “We support everything he’s doing over there [at DC]we’d be happy to work with him at any point — [but] it wouldn’t be on Batman.”

The pair then noted that when they were asked the question about their favorite DC characters, they usually try to think of something more offbeat or funny, and knew something might be made of their answer, but they couldn’t think of anything besides Batman as the answer. Regardless, it seems a Russo Brothers Batman movie isn’t likely in the future.