George Miller recruited a child whose bullying story went viral to play iconic War Boy

Furiosa director George Miller cast a young boy, whose heartbreaking reaction to being bullied went viral, as the iconic War Pup! As Dementus put it, hate is “one of the greatest forces of nature.” But he did miss just how closely hope can be tied to it – and George Miller has displayed this in … Read more

William Daniels shares pic with “favorite” Boy Meets World students

William Daniels, who played everybody’s favorite teacher Mr. Feeny, shared a photo of a recent reunion with some former students. Feeny! Feeny! Fee-hee-hee-hee-ny! William Daniels, who played one of the most beloved teachers in all of media, shared a new photo with some of his old Boy Meets World students, calling them some of his … Read more

Pinocchio Unstrung’s Titular Character Will Go To Gory Lengths To Become a Real Boy

The creators of the Poohniverse horror movie Pinocchio Unstrung have detailed a gory, gruesome scene where Pinocchio tries to become a ”real boy”. The latest in a series of horror-themed takes on children’s tales sees Winnie the Pooh Blood & Honey creator Rhys Frake-Waterfield put a subversive and sinister spin on the classic tale of … Read more

Challengers scores an easy win; Boy Kills World slaughtered by Alien re-release

Challengers scored an easy victory this weekend while Boy Kills World fell prey to a 45-year-old xenomorph As expected, Luca Guadagnino’s Challengers scored an easy win this weekend, with a $15 million weekend, just a touch softer than we predicted earlier this week. The tennis-cantered love triangle was no doubt boosted by Zendaya’s star power, … Read more

Boy Kills World movie review & film summary (2024)

During manic action scenes, the cameras swoop over, under, and through teeming crowds of heavily armed and often faceless heavies. Limbs break, bodies tumble through the air, and chunks of flesh frequently explode in gouts of blood. There isn’t a significant difference between the dizzying, sensational presentation of violence in any of the Boy’s fight … Read more

Netflix’s Dead Boy Detectives Is A Spinoff Stuck In Limbo | TV/Streaming

The titular private eyes are a pair of English schoolboys, Edwin Paine (George Rexstrew) and Charles Rowland (Jayden Revri), who become ghosts after dying tragically at the same boarding school 70 years apart. Edwin, a closeted gay boy essentially hate-crimed into the underworld, died in 1916; Charles, a Thatcher-era British punk, shifted the mortal coil … Read more

Listen to an Exclusive Track from Boy Kills World Soundtrack by El Michels Affair

ComingSoon is pleased to present an exclusive track from Boy Kills World – Songs from the Original Motion Picture, which can now be pre-saved. Listen to the track titled “Lal Mahal” below. Lakeshore Records is set to release Boy Kills World — Songs from the Original Motion Picture with original songs by El Michels Affair … Read more

Boy, 10, successfully pitches Home Alone meets The Godfather

10-year-old Connor Esterson successfully got his pitch for a Home Alone meets The Godfather movie into the hands of an Oscar winner. “Ma’am, I’m 10 years old, you think I could write this alone? I don’t think so.” The age demographics in Hollywood are about to skew a lot younger because a pre-teen has pitched … Read more

SXSW 2024: Dandelion, A Nice Indian Boy, I Don’t Understand You, I Love You Forever | Festivals & Awards

Without spoiling anything, Dandelion has to find the creative courage within herself. Casey may have helped light the match for her fire to burn, but the brilliant screenwriting element of the back half of this movie is that Riegel never lets it become just another story of how a woman needs a man to inspire … Read more