Eli Roth Is Making a ‘Thanksgiving’ Sequel

Everyone loves seconds on Thanksgiving. So why not a second Thanksgiving? And, in fact, that is what is happening, with Eli Roth already directing that work has begun on a sequel to Thanksgiving, his recent slasher film which has become a solid critical and commercial hit in theaters this fall. So far the film has grossed $30 million … Read more

Chicago Style: Andrew Davis on the Making of The Fugitive, Stony Island, and More | Interviews

Your previous film was “Under Siege,” the Steven Seagal action epic that was a big hit for Warner Brothers in the fall of 1992. Had you already agreed to make “The Fugitive” before that one came out, or did the offer come afterward? At the premiere of “Under Siege,” Arnold Kopelson, who was one of … Read more

DVD’s making a comeback? Content purges may lead to resurgence of physical media

While many retailers are dropping physical media, some say DVD’s and Blu-Ray’s may be making a comeback similar to vinyl and cds. While the physical media business has been in freefall over the last decade, THR is reporting that DVDs and Blu-rays might be making a comeback similar to those experienced by CDs and Vinyl … Read more

Five Nights at Freddy’s making a killing this weekend

Five Night’s at Freddy’s sets records in its impressive debut Numbers have begun rolling in for this last weekend before Halloween and with tracking lying somewhere between $50 million and $90 million for the video game adaptation of Five Nights at Freddy’s, the film is hitting its mark with a projected $78 million opening. That’s … Read more

Analogue is Making a 4K N64

Gaming hardware company Analogue announces a version of the Nintendo 64 called the Analogue 3D. Described as “A reimagining of the N64,” its features include 4K graphics and a variety of retro-inspired display modes. The Analogue 3D is a 4K compatible N64 The Analogue 3D launches next year and will let players revisit classic N64 … Read more

TIFF 2023: Stop Making Sense, In Restless Dreams: The Music of Paul Simon | Festivals & Awards

The word that best described the “Stop Making Sense” event came from the Talking Heads themselves in a live Q&A: “Love.” There’s the love between the musicians on stage in the best concert film ever made. There’s the love between the filmmaker Jonathan Demme and the brilliant way he captured lightning in a bottle. There’s … Read more

‘The Shark Is Broken’ Brings the Making of ‘Jaws’ to Broadway

Jaws runs 124 minutes. Its title character does not appear onscreen until minute 82. This was less of a bold artistic choice on the part of director Steven Spielberg than a matter of necessity; the production’s mechanical shark, affectionately nicknamed “Bruce,” never worked. Each evening, Spielberg would assemble his cast and creative team at his bungalow on … Read more

Disney Is Finally Making the First ‘Zootopia’ Ride

Only two Walt Disney Animation Studios movies in history have grossed $1 billion worldwide. Two of them are the Frozen films. The third is Zootopia, the cute animal/cop movie about a world populated entirely by anthropomorphic critters solving a mystery. The film has spawned a series of shorts on Disney+ and plenty of merchandise — but despite … Read more

Disney Is Finally Making the First ‘Tangled’ Ride

For a film that was a fairly large hit, and then spawned a long-running animated series with plenty of tie-in merchandise, Tangled is oddly underrepresented in the Disney theme parks. If you go to Walt Disney World and you’re looking for something based on Tangled, the only thing to, uh, enjoy are some Tangled themed bathrooms. (That’s not a joke, by … Read more

James Gunn Isn’t Making a ‘Young Superman’ Movie

James Gunn has gotten replaced Henry Cavill with a new Superman actor, but that doesn’t mean he’s making a movie about the hero’s early life. While David Corenswet is younger than Cavill, the gap in their ages is not huge; only about ten years. When people think of a young Superman, they likely think of Clark Kent … Read more