Fans snatch up Roman Roy’s Walmart tee from Final Succession

Those looking to dress like Roman Roy may have to pay more than what Walmart originally offered the now-iconic tee for.

Roman Roy Walmart

Dressing like any of the Roy clan on HBO’s Succession would set you back thousands per outfit…unless you want to dress like youngest child Roman Roy from the series finale, since he spent a sizable portion of it in a cheap Walmart tee from the children’s section.

Succession‘s series closer “With Open Eyes” found Roman (Kieran Culkin) retreating to his mother’s vacation home in Barbados after burying his father in the penultimate episode, “Church and State.” Following his breakdown at the funeral and a minor beatdown at the hands of an anti-Mencken protestor, Roman went into hiding…with a limited wardrobe. While his shirt is symbolic of him the baby of the family and coming to terms with his real place in the overall scheme of things, the casual look and dorky pastels were what really grabbed attention. After all, the fashion of Succession has been praised in numerous outlets – even garnering a following on social media – so Roman Roy’s Walmart shirt stands out more than just about any other.

The Instagram account successionfashion, which matches character wardrobes to their retail price, noted that “With Open Eyes” saw some pretty pricey get-ups: Caroline wore a $405 Paul Stuart denim top, Kendall donned a $640 André button up, Shiv was decked out in an Altuzarra combo that cost nearly $3,000…and Tom wore that stupid smug smile of his. And of course there is a post dedicated to Roman Roy’s Walmart tee, which the retailer’s website says is “great for your little boy’s everyday outfits.”

But Roman Roy’s Walmart tee is, perhaps expectedly, sold out on Walmart’s website. And at just $13.96 for a two-pack, one can see why. After all, as one review put it, “If it’s good enough for Roman Roy, it’s good enough for me.” So while you might not be squeezing into the Wonder Nation shirt anytime soon, you can still relive some of the Succession finale’s best moments, like the “meal fit for a king”, which Jeremy Strong’s Kendall Roy drinks. All you’ll need to make the concoction is milk, Tabasco, bread, eggs, pickle juice, cocoa powder, and spit…which will easily cost more than Roman’s shirt.

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