Wait, Is the New ‘Hunger Games’ Just the ‘Star Wars’ Prequels?

According to a viral TikTok, The Hunger Games: The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes shares nearly the same plot as the Star Wars prequels. In a video uploaded back in November, TikTok user and musician @the_moonrocks explains how the Hunger Games prequel film focusing on Coriolanus Snow (AKA the future President Snow) follows story beats … Read more

Is The Exorcist Based on a True Story? Real Events, Facts & People

The Exorcist is a classic film that became a cultural phenomenon and is often considered one of the greatest horror movies ever made. It revolves around a young girl named Regan MacNeil, who is possessed, and how her family becomes increasingly alarmed by her erratic behavior. The iconic and authentic scenes from this movie make … Read more

Bob Odenkirk’s Lucky Hank canceled at AMC after one season

Lucky Hank, Bob Odenkirk’s follow-up to Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul, has been canceled by AMC after one season. Lucky Hank, Bob Odenkirk’s follow-up to Better Call Saul, has been canceled by AMC after one season. Although the series received positive reviews, the audience just wasn’t there to justify a second season. “We’re proud … Read more

‘Stranger Things’ Final Season Will Begin Shooting in January

It’s the beginning of the end for Stranger Things. The highly anticipated and long delayed fifth and final season of the monstrously big Netflix show will reportedly begin production in January of 2024. That’s according to a new report in Variety. The scripts for the show’s final run were in development when the writers strike began in … Read more

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Your Christmas or Mine 2 is a British Christmas romantic movie directed by Jim O’Hanlon. It serves as a sequel to Your Christmas or Mine? (2022). Following the previous turbulent Christmas, Hayley and James’ families decide to go skiing in the Alps for Christmas. However, due to a mix-up, the two families end up at each other’s accommodation … Read more