Every Adam Sandler Movie Ranked From Worst to Best

Adam Sandler has been a making movies for over 30 years. In Billy Madison, Billy Madison is only 27. (We are all so old.) After a very successful stint on Saturday Night Live, Sandler quickly found huge box-office success — although not always critical praise — headlining a series of comedies. That success continues to this day. He launched his own (also quite successful) … Read more

What’s the Worst Superhero Movie?

POLL: What’s the Worst Superhero Movie? With Madame Web getting terrible reviews, the time has come to ask our readers, what really is the worst superhero movie of all time? February 25th 2024, 9:58am SAG Award winners: Murphy, Gladstone, RDJ, and Randolph headed to Oscar victory? The 30th SAG Awards found winners in Oppenheimer, Killers … Read more

The Worst Movie Accents Ever

Screen acting is a multifaceted discipline. It’s not enough for an actor to look the part. They’ve got to sound the part as well. And when they don’t, things can go really wrong really fast. “Sounding the part” has proven very tricky for a lot of screen actors through the decades, including some of the very best performers … Read more

‘Madame Web’ Reviews Call It One of the Worst Spider-Man Movies

The reviews of Madame Web are here. Spoiler alert: They’re not amazing. Or at least they’re not amazingly good. If you’ve been following along with the news around this movie — like, say, the report that star Dakota Johnson left her longtime agency for new representation “just days after a baffling first trailer debuted” — you … Read more

The 12 Worst Oscars Hosts Ever

You never know what’s going to happen on Hollywood’s Biggest Night, and though most of us tune in just to see who wins what, there’s a lot more that goes into making the Oscars happen than simply handing out awards. Having a show to begin with, for example, and a live show of this caliber … Read more

The Worst Prequels Ever Made

Scholars believe that the very first prequel in history may be the Cypria, an epic poem that dates to the days of ancient Greece. Although the poem is now lost, it was composed as a chronicle of events leading up to Homer’s Iliad — thus telling the backstory and origins of the events of that great work. In other words, … Read more

Ranking the DCEU from Worst to Best

With Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom came the end of the DCEU, otherwise known as the Snyderverse. And while some celebrate its demise, there are also many who mourn the loss of their heroes. But before we turn the page completely, let’s take a look back and rank the entire DC Extended Universe. I’m sure … Read more

The Worst Wins in Oscar History

It’s important to remember, especially in this day and age, that the Academy Awards are not a judge of any film’s quality. They’re an industry award ceremony heavily impacted by studio campaigning; occasionally that overlaps with making a choice that the masses can celebrate. Despite this, the Academy would love us to think the opposite, … Read more