Short Films in Focus: Floating Through the Nowhere Stream with Director Luis Grané | Interviews

How did you dream this up? 

Throughout the pandemic, I spent a lot of time (most of the time) in front of the computer. While the primary purpose was work-related, I also sought entertainment, distractions, and even culinary inspiration through online searches. It felt as though our entire existence was submerged in that glowing surface. Inspired by this immersion, I began conceptualizing a character who sought answers to life’s questions exclusively online. Collaborating with my producer, Tomas Basile, we worked on this idea that ultimately evolved into our short film.

One of your settings is the very familiar strip of concrete–the spillways of the Los Angeles River. Is that a meaningful location for you personally?

I really love the LA River; it is monstrous and delicate at the same time and, like Mike Davis describes it in his book “City of Quartz,” like a movie set. Not only because many films were shot there, but I also think the concrete structure they built around it to control it created an unintended movie set from the beginning. In addition to Davis’s work, I got inspiration from my work on the Netflix show “City of Ghosts,” where I had the opportunity to do research and talk to the Tongva people, the original inhabitants of the land. The experience was enriching and stimulating.

After watching this film, some might say that you prefer a less detailed look in your animation compared to those who favor fine-tuning nook and cranny in the frame. Is that accurate? 

After dedicating many years to the animation industry, working on features, television, and commercials, I had to develop skills in precision and detail. However, when it comes to my personal endeavors, I try a more spontaneous approach. In this particular short film, I deliberately incorporate a crude animation style, intentionally avoiding intricate details. This stylistic choice adds a raw and authentic quality to the project, allowing for a different expression.