Spirit Awards 2024: A Platform for Essential Independent Films | Chaz’s Journal

Fortunately, the little engine that could kept chugging right along. It is now a very important part of the filmmaking landscape in California, supporting a diverse group of filmmakers and hosting one of the most fun and celebrated awards shows around. And now the date of the show is not tied to the occurrence of the … Read more

Short Films in Focus: The 2024 Oscar-Nominated Short Films

The short film categories used to be the last vestige of true indie filmmaking represented at the Oscars. Over the years, that feeling has changed quite a bit, with Nexflix, The New Yorker, The Atlantic and other major studios and publications putting their names on the most high-profile films. This year, it’s quite possible Wes … Read more

10 Films We Can’t Wait to See at Berlin 2024 | Festivals & Awards

“All the Long Nights” A smaller title in this year’s lineup, “All the Long Nights” is writer/director Sho Miyake’s return to Berlinale. I didn’t catch his previous film “Slow, Small but Steady” when it premiered at the festival in 2022. Rather it was at Karlovy Vary International Film Festival, where I fell for the story … Read more

The Best Fighting Films (besides Rocky)

While Rocky typically tops the list of everyone’s picks for best fighting films, there are a lot of other great ones worth checking out. Ever since Rocky took the world by storm in 1976, people have been enamored with the idea of an underdog fighting his way to victory. There is something about two people … Read more

Ahaan Panday To Make His Debut With Yash Raj Films, Claim Reports

Ananya Panday’s cousin, Ahaan Panday, is among the star kids gearing up for their debut. He is reportedly set to make his grand entry with Yash Raj Films. Yash Raj Films recently signed director Mohit Suri for a young love story, scheduled to go on floors soon. As per reports, the romantic movie will mark … Read more

Let’s remember Philip Seymour Hoffman on the 10th anniversary of his death with his best films

We remember Philip Seymour Hoffman on the 10th anniversary of his death by remembering some of his best performances. I remember exactly where I was when I discovered Philip Seymour Hoffman had died. I was at a revival screening of the 1979 version of Battlestar: Galactica at a Montreal theatre, waiting for the film to … Read more

His Greatest Films and Shows

Movie and TV fans were shocked today by the news that Carl Weathers, best known as Apollo Creed in the Rocky franchise, but a perennial presence in film and television for almost 50 years, had died. He was only 76 years old. (In a statement, Weathers’ family said he “died peacefully in his sleep on … Read more

All the New Films Coming to Streaming

You know that scene in UHF where Michael Richards blasts  a kid in the face with a fire house and an appreciative audience cheers? That’s basically Netflix’s approach to original movies. They blast us with a whole bunch of them every week and month of the year. 2024 is no different. And today, Netflix unveiled a ton of … Read more

First ‘Beetlejuice 2’ Poster Reveals Film’s Official Title

Anyone who has seen Tim Burton’s classic Beetlejuice knows how you summon the ghost with the most: You say his name three times. So that makes the upcoming sequel’s title pretty clever. It’s not Beetlejuice 2. It’s Beetlejuice Beetlejuice. The specifics of the plot have yet to be revealed, but we do know that much of the original cast will … Read more