Castaway Diva Episode 11 Trailer Teases Park Eun-Bin, Chae Jong-Hyeop’s First Kiss

Network tvN released Castaway Diva Episode 11 trailer, starring Park Eun-Bin and Chae Jong-Hyeop. The K-drama is the story of an aspiring singer rescued from a secluded island after 15 years and reuniting with her childhood friend Ki-Ho. Episode 10 reveals the secret of Bo-Geol/Ki-Ho’smily’s identity (Jong-Hyeop) fa. As they become controversial, Yoon Ran-Joo (Kim … Read more

Castaway Diva, Nevertheless & More

Chae Jong-Hyeop is a 30-year-old South Korean actor who recently grabbed attention with his performance in Castaway Diva. He started with web dramas and began receiving lead roles from last year. The storyline of Jong-Hyeop’s characters, Ki-Ho and Bo-Geol, in Park Eun-Bin’s K-drama impressed fans. Since Castaway Diva aired on Netflix, he has become one … Read more

Park Eun-Bin’s Castaway Diva Episode 9 Trailer: Chae Jong-Hyeop Is Injured 

Castaway Diva released episode 9 trailer after its Sunday episode. Starring Park Eun-Bin and Chae Jong-Hyeop, the K-drama is the story of an aspiring singer who was stranded on an island for 15 years. Episode 8 featured Mok-Ha (Park Eun-Bin) leaving her dreams behind to protect Kang Bo-Geol and his family from his abusive father. … Read more