Christopher Nolan didn’t want to direct The Dark Knight

Christopher Nolan was “on the fence” about directing The Dark Knight as he didn’t want to be typecast as a superhero movie director. Christopher Nolan has one of the best superhero trilogies under his belt with Batman Begins, The Dark Knight, and The Dark Knight Rises, but he once considered calling it quits after the … Read more

WIll Christopher Nolan direct an adaptation of the cult 60s TV show?

Is Christopher Nolan going to adapt the psychedellic sixties spy series, The Prisoner, into his next feature film? After earning seven Academy Awards for his latest opus, Oppenheimer, everyone wants to know what Christopher Nolan will be doing next. The short answer, of course, is anything he wants. But, buried within a Variety report about how … Read more

Mario Van Peebles fondly recalls working with Christopher Lambert on underrated 90s actioner

Mario Van Peebles remembers the fun 90s action movie Gunmen, which sparked a long-lasting friendship with co-star Christopher Lambert. The other day, one of our writers sat down with Mario Van Peebles to talk about his upcoming spiritual sequel to Posse, Outlaw Posse. In the pretty awesome conversation, we asked Mario about what we consider … Read more

Christopher Nolan Has ‘No Guilt’ Over Fast & Furious Fandom, Recommends Tokyo Drift

Christopher Nolan is one of the most legendary directors working today, and his love of film extends even to the Fast & Furious universe — a passion he says he isn’t ashamed of. During a recent appearance on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, Nolan was asked about his infamous love for the franchise, and … Read more

Christopher Nolan Says You’re Not Supposed to Understand ‘Tenet’

I rewatched Christopher Nolan’s Tenet shortly before Oppenheimer opened in theaters and felt, somewhat strangely, that I understood the film less than the first time I saw it. Maybe the first time I got swept up in the overall story of a mysterious organization protecting our present from time “inverting” interlopers from the future. Seeing it again and knowing … Read more

Christopher Nolan doesn’t want to return to small-scale movies

Christopher Nolan may be a fan of small-scale movies, but doesn’t want to step away from the large-scale arena he’s built for himself. Christopher Nolan may have gotten his start with lower-budget, more intimate movies, but he isn’t in any rush to return to those types of smaller-scale dramas. With each and every film, Nolan’s … Read more