Filmmakers react to Bryan Fuller exiting Crystal Lake

The reaction to Bryan Fuller leaving Friday the 13th series Crystal Lake has been strong, with many praising his pilot script. Camp Crystal Lake hasn’t been this busy in decades, yet, ironically, the waters are calm and there’s no killer stalking the grounds. When news came that Crystal Lake – an “expanded prequel” set to … Read more

Who Is Phoebe Dynevor Dating & Is She Engaged to Cameron Fuller?

Since her breakthrough role as Daphne Bridgerton in Netflix’s popular period drama Bridgerton, English actress Phoebe Dynevor has become a household name and there is much interest in her dating life. Is she dating actor-producer Cameron Fuller? Or are they engaged? Here is everything you need to know. Who is Phoebe Dynevor dating? Rumors about … Read more

Bryan Fuller no longer involved with Crystal Lake series

A24 is going a “different way” with Crystal Lake, the Friday the 13th prequel series, and it sounds like Bryan Fuller is no longer involved. It’s been quite a week for Crystal Lake, the Friday the 13th prequel series which has been in development from Hannibal‘s Bryan Fuller. Initial reports stated that A24 had pulled … Read more