Female Filmmakers in Focus: Alice Rohrwacher on La Chimera | Interviews

I wanted to ask you about capitalism’s role in the film. Obviously, they’re removing these antiquities, not just to have that connection with history, but they are then selling them on the black market. You have that great scene on the boat with your sister Alba. I’d love to hear your thoughts on how capitalism … Read more

Female Filmmakers in Focus: Rose Glass on Love Lies Bleeding | Interviews

Born in London, Glass grew up in Essex where she always knew she wanted to make films, cutting her cinematic teeth using her parents’ video camera. While attending the London College of Communication she worked as a runner on various film sets, and made her proper debut short film “Storm House.” She graduated from the … Read more

Female Filmmakers in Focus: Erige Sehiri on Under the Fig Trees | Interviews

You mentioned earlier that the leaves of the fig trees are so big they block out the sun. But there is still so much light in this film. Can you talk a bit about working with your cinematographer to capture that naturalistic light? I think our countries have so much light. That’s what you don’t … Read more

The Alliance for Downtown Manhattan Invites Filmmakers to Apply for $50,000 Grant to Make a Film in New York City | Chaz’s Journal

The Alliance for Downtown Manhattan has open submissions for their Filmmaker in Chief creative residency to produce, direct and edit a short film in New York City’s Lower Manhattan neighborhood. One filmmaker will win up to $50,000, plus two months in a paid luxury Mint House apartment and two months’ stipend to produce, direct and … Read more

Female Filmmakers in Focus: Nancy Savoca on Household Saints

Born in the Bronx, filmmaker Nancy Savoca attended film school at New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts, graduating in 1982. After completing two short films, Savoca worked as a storyboard artist and assistant editor for several independent productions and music videos. She later worked with John Sayles on his film “The Brother from … Read more

Female Filmmakers in Focus: Noora Niasari on Shayda | Interviews

What was your experience going through the various Australian development pipelines? I was lucky to be supported through most of the development. I wrote the first draft on spec, but from there on I did receive support. I was really lucky to be working with an amazing script editor  Lynne Vincent McCarthy, who’s also Jennifer … Read more

Female Filmmakers in Focus: Meg Ryan on What Happens Later | Interviews

With her second feature directorial effort, “What Happens Later,” Ryan returns to the romantic comedy world. Based on the play Shooting Star by Steven Dietz, along with directing, Ryan co-wrote the script and is one of the film’s two leads. She stars as Willa, a New Agey woman from Austin on her way to Boston who … Read more

‘Equalizer’ Filmmakers Considering Prequel With De-Aged Denzel

AI-powered de-aging is becoming more commonly used. And while he’s in tons of different kinds of movies, Denzel Washington is an unequivocal action star while appearing in the Equalizer movies. That being said, it’s a little difficult to pull that off at 68. While Tom Cruise is not quite that old, the same kind of de-aging was … Read more

Female Filmmakers in Focus: Fran Rubel Kuzui on Tokyo Pop | Interviews

At the end of this screening, the amazing Sandra Schulberg, who was the head of IndieCollect, who I’ve known for years and years, stood up and said, “I’m going to restore your film.” She said she volunteered to do it as part of the Jane Fonda Fund For Women Directors, which I knew nothing about. … Read more