’Road House’ Is Amazon’s Biggest Movie Debut Ever

If any streaming movie can be a “hit,” it looks like Road House is a hit. The 2024 update of the ’80s classic debuted recently on Amazon’s Prime Video. According to Amazon, the movie has already notched “50 million viewers” since its premiere on streaming on March 21. The new film stars Jake Gyllenhaal as Dalton, a … Read more

Doug Liman’s Road House sings sweet chin music on Prime Video with a record-breaking 50 million global viewers

Despite not getting a theatrical release, Doug Liman’s Road House reboot is throwing hands on the streaming charts. According to Deadline‘s report, the hard-hitting action film starring Jake Gyllenhaal is landing decisive blows to audiences with a record-breaking 50 million global viewers in its first two weeks of release. “The groundbreaking, successful debut of Road House is a testament to the … Read more

Scott Adkins criticizes CGI in Road House remake fight scenes

While he liked the movie overall, Scott Adkins in criticizing the use of CGI in the Road House remake fight scenes, saying Patrick Swayze didn’t need it. Of all the current action stars, there’s likely no current draw with the expertise in fight scenes that Scott Adkins does. Not only has he starred in dozens … Read more

Road House director Doug Liman changes mind about boycott

Road House director Doug Liman has changed his mind about the boycott, as he’s reportedly attending the premiere at SXSW. Road House director Doug Liman had previously declared that he would boycott the SXSW premiere of the reimagining, but according to Deadline, he’s changed his mind. The outlet states that Doug Liman is in the … Read more

Road House images find Jake Gyllenhaal battling Conor McGregor

Jake Gyllenhaal grapples with Conor McGregor in new images from the upcoming Road House reboot, which will premiere next month. I never thought I would say it, but I’m really looking forward to the upcoming Road House reboot. With less than a month to go until the release of Road House, Total Film has dropped … Read more