You’re Cordially Invited trailer star Will Ferrell & Reese Witherspoon

It’s Will Ferrell vs Reese Witherspoon in the R-rated trailer for wedding comedy You’re Cordially Invited. If you’ve ever wanted to see Will Ferrell wrestle a not-quite-dead alligator in a hotel room, well, the first teaser trailer for Amazon MGM Studios’ upcoming comedy You’re Cordially Invited has got you covered. “A woman (Reese Witherspoon) planning … Read more

Festive Horror He Sees You When You’re Sleeping Coming Home for the Holidays

The Horror Collective is bringing festive fear with the Christmas horror movie He Sees You When You’re Sleeping. The film, directed and produced by Charlie Steeds (The Barge People, Gods of the Deep), sees a young man’s Christmas homecoming turn into a nightmare as a killer in a Santa suit gruesomely picks off his estranged, … Read more

The Movies You Should NEVER Watch If You’re Afraid of Spiders

Some things terrify pretty much everybody. We’re all freaked out by ghosts, monsters, moving shadows, creepy crawlies. There are few things more universally freaky than spiders, with their too many legs and too many eyes and penchant for scuttling and biting and web spinning. They’re spooky shorthand, always showing up in Halloween decorations and movies … Read more

You’re Naked Without Us: A Report from the Costume Designers Guild | Features

Trayce Gigi Field noted, “There’d be a huge movie and the costumes would be on display and they would just say worn by so-and-so, and the costume designer would not be listed.” Because the costume designers are pay-for-hire, unless their individual contract specifies it, they do not receive royalties or any profits from commercially sold … Read more

Christopher Nolan Says You’re Not Supposed to Understand ‘Tenet’

I rewatched Christopher Nolan’s Tenet shortly before Oppenheimer opened in theaters and felt, somewhat strangely, that I understood the film less than the first time I saw it. Maybe the first time I got swept up in the overall story of a mysterious organization protecting our present from time “inverting” interlopers from the future. Seeing it again and knowing … Read more

Adam Wingard’s You’re Next Put a Mumblegore Spin on the Home Invasion Thriller

Before Adam Wingard went on to direct divisive takes on Blair Witch and Death Note, he was busy carving his own niche in horror cinema. His segments in the first two V/H/S movies are highlights, and the giddy chaos of Dan Stevens in The Guest has become a cult favorite at this point. But for … Read more