Watch Siskel & Ebert Do Karaoke

Every few years Gene Siskel and Roger Ebert go viral. The compilations of their outtakes — which inevitably devolve into shouting matches and brutal insults — are always good for a laugh. So is their review of the comedy Cop and a Half, where Siskel was absolutely gobsmacked (and possibly a little offended) that Roger Ebert gave the film, … Read more

Alan Cumming & Brian Cox Sing ‘Caledonia’ in Carpool Karaoke

ComingSoon is excited to debut a Carpool Karaoke: The Series music video featuring Brian Cox and Alan Cumming. Tea X2: X-Men United stars reunite for a fun ride in the episode, which is now available on Apple TV+. In the clip, the two actors sing along to the song “Caledonia,” the modern Scottish folk ballad … Read more