Celebrating the Tenth Anniversary of Our Managing Editor Brian Tallerico at RogerEbert.com | Chaz’s Journal

Terence Davies on “Sunset Song” I was brought up on American music. My first film was “Singin’ in the Rain” at seven. I fell in love with musicals, I love musicals. So, that was always theirs as part of one’s psyche. And they used to say on the contrary, Britain was a land without music, … Read more

JoBlo Visits Henson Studios and Talks Labyrinth & Dark Crystal With Brian Henson and more!

It’s beautiful how movies can take us back to an innocent time. A perfect example is the absolute adoration of Jim Henson’s classic features, The Dark Crystal (1982) and Labyrinth (1986). For many, growing up on The Muppets and Sesame Street brought a level of excitement for both of these features. Even still, while Crystal … Read more

Book Excerpt: You Talkin’ to Me?: The Definitive Guide to Iconic Movie Quotes by Brian Abrams | Features

Estelle sat at her character’s assigned table. Whatever agita she may have had paled in comparison to Ryan’s. The night prior, the twenty-seven-year-old actor called her co-star to vent her frustrations. “The orgasm scene was worrisome,” Crystal wrote in his 2013 memoir, “because she would have to have one thirty or forty times that day. … Read more

Brian Helgeland presented a pitch that had a Netflix exec opting for a nap

Oscar-winning screenwriter Brian Helgeland says his L.A. Confidential sequel pitch caused a Netflix executive to fall asleep. L.A. Confidential sits proudly on countless Top 10 lists, with film buffs often celebrating the crime drama’s clever script, outstanding performances, and classic approach to mystery. Hollywood should be eager to green-light an L.A. Confidential sequel pitch, right? Well, a new … Read more

Succession’s Brian Cox Reveals Who Should Have Been Logan Roy’s Successor

In a recent interview with Screen Rant, Emmy-winning actor Brian Cox has opened up about the series finale of HBO’s acclaimed drama Successionrevealing which of Logan Roy’s children would have been his pick to become the next Waystar CEO. Although he feels that “none of them” can really live up to his character’s legacy, Cox … Read more

Brian Cox Reflects on Succession’s Final Season, What He’d Do Differently

Early on in Season 4 of Succession, Brian Cox‘s Logan Roy — who until then was the main character of the series — died. The move shocked shocked fans, and set the series up for an unpredictable final run of episodes. Now, Cox reveals feels like killing Roy was a little early. Speaking to BBC … Read more

Brian O’Conner and Fast & Furious Returns We Want After Fast X

Louis Leterrier’s absolutely bonkers FastX released this weekend in theaters and features appearances by just about every Fast team member from the last ten years. This sets up a star-filled final (or maybe not) entry in Fast 11 featuring plenty of Fast & Furious character returns and familiar faces rejoining its cast. The film ends … Read more

Brian Tyree Henry, Kate Mara Star in Promising Thriller Class of ’09 | TV/Streaming

Henry and Mara aren’t alone. Sepideh Moafi matches her great work on last year’s “Black Bird” with a strong, vulnerable performance as Hour, a cadet obsessed with data and how the FBI uses it. She realizes there are so many law enforcement officers out there who aren’t sharing information and strives to find a way … Read more