Netflix Reimagines Patricia Highsmith’s Timeless Character in the Chilling Ripley | TV/Streaming

The phenomenal Andrew Scott, who should have won an Oscar this year for his work in “All of Us Strangers” but is probably still best-known for “Fleabag” and “Sherlock,” puts his stamp on a Tom Ripley that has been transported to the 1960s. Unlike some versions of this story, but truer to Highsmith, this Ripley … Read more

The Timeless Game: On the 30th Anniversary of The Sandlot | Features

I don’t know anything about baseball. Thanks to Benny’s antics in the framing story of “The Sandlot,” I am convinced that stealing home is probably the most exciting thing that a player could possibly do, even though Google tells me it’s actually not a very smart play, numbers-wise. But the movie, surprisingly, has very little … Read more