The Best Horror Films of 2023 | Features

“Perpetrator” “Perpetrator” is a singular work from an utterly singular filmmaker. Jennifer Reeder’s visionary films take place in a deadpan dimension populated with monstrous femmes and vibrate on a frequency that’s unlike anything else. Either you can tune into it, or you can’t. (To paraphrase Matthew McConaughey in that one movie, though, it’d be a … Read more

How Martin Scorsese Uses Music to Enhance His Visions | Features

“I was born in a crossfire hurricane and I howled at my Ma in the driving rain, but it’s alright now, in fact it’s a gas!  I’m Jumpin’ Jack Flash,” Jagger growls, lyrics that encapsulate Johnny Boy’s penchant for causing chaos and destruction wherever he goes. The down-and-dirty rocker articulates Charlie’s magnetic attraction to Johnny … Read more

Saltburn and Subverting the Passing Narrative | Features

In “Saltburn,” that false stability can be seen in the very appearance of the family’s country home. With its strong oak interiors, its sturdy stone exteriors, and the vastness of its grounds, Saltburn is a monument to the stasis of Felix’s wealth. You would think Fennell would better connect the symbolism of the home—particularly through … Read more

The Tenth Anniversary of The Unloved | Features

The Unloved series has always been a pivotal part of, and not just for how it gives Scout’s taste the platform it deserves. But because in the middle of watching a video essay about a critical assessment you may or may not share in your guts, a sentiment is clear: Watch more movies. There’s always going to be more to … Read more

The Pitfalls of Suburban Ennui: In Praise of Todd Haynes and Julianne Moore’s Collaborations | Features

Moore’s third character with Haynes, Gracie Atherton-Yoo exists more in a day-to-day stasis than anything resembling Cathy Whitaker’s hope. Neither a victim of the conservatism of her time like Cathy nor an avatar for contagion anxieties like Carol White, the lynchpin of “May December” is the constructor of her doomed fate. After her criminal affair … Read more

Senior Editor Nick Allen Moderates Panel of International Awards Contenders | Features

Last month, Senior Editor Nick Allen moderated a panel with the directors of some of the most anticipated international films of the year, and we wanted to share it with you. Watch Allen’s conversation with İlker Çatak (“The Teachers’ Lounge”), Amr Gamal (“The Burdened”), Rodrigo Moreno (“The Delinquents”), Lina Soualem (“Bye Bye Tiberias”), and Anh Hung … Read more

Kokomo City Named IFSN Advocate Award Winner | Features

“Advocating isn’t always pleasant, but advocacy remains to be our greatest ally,” said director D. Smith. “Basic human rights should never be given to someone, It should only be expected. Simply respecting others makes you an advocate. Thank you for this prodigious honor.” “The IFSN Advocate Award was created for filmmakers like D. Smith, who … Read more

Urkel Saves Santa trailer features the return of the 90s nerd icon

Family Matters sensation Steve Urkel is back in cartoon form. Jaleel White once again embodies the character in the Christmas adventure. Just like the Winslow family on Family Matters, whenever you think you’re clear of Steven Q. Urkel, he’ll burst right through the door and back into our lives. Warner Bros. Animation has released the … Read more

Dawn of the Nugget trailer features infiltration mission

Zachary Levi and Bella Ramsey join the cast of Chicken Run for the rescue mission where the poultry pack break into a new facility. Although the holidays would usually call for chicken pies, this December sees the dawn of the chicken nugget. The team at Aardman that brought us the beloved children’s show Wallace & … Read more