Before they were feuding, John Cleese and Eric Idle made an obscure 90s comedy

Long before their public feud, things between Eric Idle and John Cleese were friendly enough that they made a non-Python movie together. While two of Monty Python’s most famous former members, Eric Idle and John Cleese, are embroiled in a very public feud, it wasn’t always this way. In recent weeks, Idle has been vocal … Read more

A ‘John Wick’ Themed Attraction Is Opening in Las Vegas

Fans of the John Wick franchise who are no longer content to simply watch the movies will soon get to “experience” them in an attraction set to open soon in Las Vegas. “The John Wick Experience” is coming to AREA15 in Vegas. The press release claims it “blends immersive theatre and highly themed cinematic environments to create an … Read more

John Cleese responds to Eric Idle’s recent Monty Python comments

John Cleese responds to fellow Monty Python, Eric Idle, who recently had some choice words for his old “friends” Update: John Cleese has responded to Eric Idle’s recent comments, and there doesn’t appear to be any love lost between the former Monty Python performers. Cleese defended Python manager Holly Gilliam, who Idle had suggested was … Read more

Anthony Michael Hall talks final phone call with John Hughes + His New Projects

Anthony Michael Hall talks about John Candy being on his final phone call with John Hughes as well as other insights into his 45-year career. It’s hard not to think of the 80s without thinking of Anthony Michael Hall. From Sixteen Candles to The Breakfast Club to Weird Science, he was part of many all-time … Read more

Dev Patel Directed His Own John Wick

This is a bit of a surprise from Dev Patel: He doesn’t just star in his latest movie; he co-wrote it and directed himself as well. And it’s an intense revenge thriller that definitely evokes the style of a John Wick. Based on the film’s first trailer, it looks pretty promising as well. The project is titled Monkey Man, supposedly … Read more

Every John Belushi Movie, Ranked Worst to Best

John Belushi headlined less than a half-dozen movies during his short career. He had smaller roles in a handful of films leading up to his breakthrough performance in 1978’s National Lampoon’s Animal House. Some – like the Jack Nicholson-directed 1978 western Goin’ South and the same year’s Beatles satire The Rutles: All You Need Is Cash … Read more

“He Stood on a Firm Piece of Earth”: John Patrick Shanley on Moonstruck director Norman Jewison | Tributes

Jewison’s masterpiece, probably, is “Moonstruck,” written by John Patrick Shanley. Shanley, now 73, is Bronx-born Vietnam veteran who got a degree in Educational Theater from New York University after the war. He ended up writing 23 plays, including Danny and the Deep Blue Sea, Italian American Reconciliation, Doubt: A Parable, and Brooklyn Laundry, which opens … Read more

Chad Stahelski Will Oversee ‘Highlander’ and ‘John Wick’ Series

There’s been years of rumors and talk about a new Highlander movie, potentially directed by John Wick filmmaker Chad Stahelski and starring Henry Cavill, but no actual film to show for it. But perhaps today’s news makes a new Highlander much more likely: Stahelski has reportedly been given a bigger role at Lionsgate, where he will now have “creative oversight” … Read more

Elton John Is Now an EGOT Winner

One of the most exclusive clubs in all of entertainment is the EGOT — an acronym that signifies that someone has won each of the four top prizes in four different art forms: The Emmy for television work, the Grammy for musical work, the Oscar for film work, and the Tony for theater work. And … Read more