The Last Stop in Yuma County movie review (2024)

There’s an old married couple with a wife (Robin Bartlett) who knits and a husband (Gene Jones) who shoehorns his way into other diners’ mental space when he isn’t snoring at the table. Miles (Ryan Masson) and Sybil (Sierra McCormick), younger criminals who fancy themselves the next Bonnie and Clyde, end up in the diner as well. Everyone … Read more

A Good Reason to Be a Coward: Jim Cummings on The Last Stop in Yuma County | Interviews

I thought the film was also poking fun at the glorification of spiraling. In the film’s case, it leads to dead bodies. Yeah, that’s the old ‘crime doesn’t pay’ adage. It’s true. That’s the Westerns: you try to have a good point and reason in life, and you end up getting shot in the ditch. What’s … Read more