The Texas Chain Saw Massacre Mini-Doc Flexes Dev’s Authenticity

Gun Interactive has been pretty open about The Texas Chain Saw Massacre, as it has released a few behind-the-scenes videos of the asymmetrical multiplayer game in the past. But this latest video is the longest and yields even more details. This mini-documentary has interviews from eight developers from Gun and Sumo Digital. They go through … Read more

The Worst Sequels and Remakes Ever

Sequels and remakes have terrible reputations. “They’re all Hollywood makes anymore!” “They’re creatively bankrupt!” “They’re awful!” You’ve surely heard these and other complaints many times before. They’re almost as old as movies themselves. (By the time movies had sound, they also had remakes and sequels.) In fairness, there are many good sequels, and arguably even … Read more

Everything Went Fine

The crisis in “Everything Went Fine” begins in the first moment. Emmanuèle (Sophie Marceau) sits at a table in her apartment, working. The phone rings. She listens to the caller, whom we don’t hear. She asks, “When? Where?” and then promptly races out the door. Her father has had a stroke, and the caller is … Read more

Burning Shores Trailer Has New Friends, Enemies, & Weapons

Horizon Forbidden West: Burning Shores is just under a week away from its April 19 launch, but Guerrilla Games has dropped the DLC’s launch trailer. It has more gameplay than anything else shown so far and even includes new characters. The trailer has Aloy flying into the area and quickly coming across Seyka, the new … Read more