Evil Dead: The Game – Game of the Year Edition Trailer Welcomes in New DLC

Saber Interactive announced Evil Dead: The Game – Game of the Year Edition in March and just released a trailer for it. This footage gives players a peek at what’s in this new edition, which is out now on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC (the base game also just made its way to Steam).

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This edition is $30 for those who have the original game and $49.99 for those who don’t own any version of it. It comes with the DLC from the main game that Saber had released over the last year, which includes:

• Survivors: David, Mia, The Blacksmith, Ruby, and Brock
• Demon: Schemer – Featuring the notorious Baal as the demon boss
• Ash S-Mart Uniform Outfit
• Ash Gallant Knight Outfit
• Ash Savini Alternate Outfit
• Ash Williams College Outfit
• Ash Williams Hunter Outfit
• Ash S-Mart Halloween Outfit
• Ash Sellsword Outfit
• Ash Party Animal Outfit
• Ash Ashy Slashy Outfit
• Amanda Duty Calls Outfit
• Annie Knowby Explorer Outfit
• Cheryl Williams Browntown Outfit
• Ed Getley Explorer Outfit
• Gilded Attire costume pack for the Necromancer Demon army
• Henry The Red’s Scottish Vibe Outfit
• Henry the Red: Red Pikeman Outfit
• Henry the Red: Berserker Cosplay Outfit
• Kelly Scourge of Evil Outfit
• Lord Arthur Battle Prep Outfit
• Lord Arthur Rightful King Outfit
• Mia Demon Slayer Outfit
• Pablo Fish and Chips Outfit
• Pablo El Brujo Outfit
• Puppeteer Demon King of the White Frost Costume Pack
• Scotty College Outfit
• Warlord Demon Firefighter-Themed Costume Pack

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It’s quite a lot of older DLC, but the Who’s Your Daddy expansion is new and comes with Ash’s dad Brock, the new Schemer demon, and new outfits for Ash, Amanda, and Pablo. The DLC is $9.99 separately.

Brock is from the Ash vs Evil Dead show and gets a buff that changes depending on his teammates. For example, Warriors boost his melee damage and Supports increase his cooldown speed.

The Schemer is also from the same series and has a few special abilities. He can activate all the traps in an area (even if they are on cooldown) and confuse the other players by targeting one person and making them appear to be possessed. Aside from the basic unit, he has two forms: Baal and the Skinned Poselyte. The former is built around fear and crowd control and even shuts off nearby flashlights. The latter can activate bloody spikes that harm everyone in the area and also drop a line of spikes.

This all comes alongside a new free update that makes some balance changes and adds some new weapons (a pipe and submachine gun), another solo mission starring Kelly, and another outfit for Kelly for those who beat the aforementioned solo mission.