‘This Is Spinal Tap’ Will Get a Sequel Next Year

One of the greatest comedies in the history of cinema will finally continue in a sequel. This Is Still Spinal Tap, anyone? In an appearance on the RHLSTP With Richard Herring podcast, This Is Spinal Tap director Rob Reiner confirmed that the sequel, which will feature all the core members of everyone’s favorite pathetic heavy metal band Spinal … Read more

The #1 Summer Movie the Year You Graduated High School

Movies have been a defining part of the summer experience for several decades now, with the modern summer blockbuster pioneered by Steven Spielberg in 1975. With his seminal summer horror film Jaws, Spielberg changed the filmmaking landscape. Though prosperous, Hollywood had still been in something of a transitional period following the studio system and Hollywood’s … Read more

Dead Reckoning 2’ Delayed By a Year

Mission Impossible: Dead Reckoning – Part Two was slated for release in March of 2024. Unfortunately, we’ll all have to wait a bit longer. Not only that, but when we do see the movie, it might not even be called Dead Reckoning – Part Two anymore. Paramount has reportedly reassessed the title and realized that maybe the length … Read more

Activision Games Won’t Be on Xbox Game Pass Until Next Year

Activision has revealed they aren’t going to be adding any of their games to Xbox Game Pass until next year. While the regulatory approval of the Microsoft deal is almost complete, the company’s initial plans are to make its games accessible to more players around the world. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 won’t be … Read more

A Seven Year Old’s Review of ‘Paw Patrol: The Mighty Movie’

Look, I’m a realist: I recognize that no one on the planet cares what I — or any Old for that matter — thinks about Paw Patrol: The Mighty Movie. Nor should they. This is the second film based on the impressively durable TV series (and affiliated merchandising program) about the adventures of a group of talking puppies who drive (or fly) color-coded vehicles … Read more

Meta Quest 3 Will Have Over New 50 Games This Year, But No Exclusives Until 2024

At today’s Meta Connect 2023 event, the tech giant unveiled the Meta Quest 3. With enhanced mixed-reality features, a sleeker form factor, and a more powerful processor than the Quest 2, the headset represents a substantial upgrade from its predecessor. Meta promises that the Quest 3 will have over 50 brand-new games available before the … Read more

Laurel and Hardy: Year One is Another Fine Blu-ray from Flicker Alley | TV/Streaming

“Laurel and Hardy: Year One,” a definitive and essential two-disc Blu-ray set out now from Flicker Alley, collects “The Lucky Dog” along with the first 15 shorts in which they both appeared. The shorts, released primarily in 1927, witness the evolution and blossoming of their partnership. In Leonard Maltin’s Movie Comedy Teams, Billy Gilbert, who … Read more