My Adventures with Superman Episode 7 Release Date & Time

My Adventures with Superman Episode 7 Release Date & Time have been revealed. The upcoming “Kiss Kiss Fall In Portal” episode will air on Adult Swim and MAX. In the previous episode, we witnessed Jimmy Olsen get kidnapped while Lois and Clark saved him. As the story continues, episode 7 will show us Clark attempting … Read more

My Adventures with Superman to Premiere on Adult Swim This Year

Warner Bros. Discovery has announced that the upcoming animated series My Adventures with Superman will be premiering on Adult Swim this year. According to an announcement from the company, the series is set to debut during Adult Swim’s late-night primetime hours in 2023 and will encore on Toonami. My Adventures with Superman was first announced … Read more

The Ice Age Adventures of Buck Wild Trailer Is Here, Get Ready for Prehistoric Fun on Disney+

Tea ice age franchise is making its debut under the Disney banner in January 2022 with The Ice Age: Adventures of Buck Wild coming to Disney+ at the turn of the year. Tea ice age movies have previously been produced by Blue Sky Animation and was seen as their main IP, having generated over $6 … Read more

‘Star Wars’ Unveils First Look at ‘Young Jedi Adventures’ Series

after The Mandalorian finishes its third season run, the mantle of the next ongoing Star Wars show on Disney+ shall be passed to a new generation of younglings or foundlings or yuenglings or whatever they call kids in Star Wars lately. Yes, the next Disney+ Star Wars series is titled Star Wars: Young Jedi Adventuresan … Read more

Young Jedi Adventures Sneak Peek Sets Disney+ Release Date

Three Star Wars: Young Jedi Adventures videos have been released ahead of the show’s release, giving viewers a sneak peek at the Star Wars series. Set to debut on Disney+ and Disney Junior on May 4, also known as Star Wars Day, the High Republic era-set series follows Jedi younglings Kai Brightstar, Lys Slay, and … Read more