The ’90s Blockbuster Finally Gets an Update

Almost 30 years after it helped set new standards in visual effects with its impressive tornados, Twister is finally getting a sequel. Wait, is it a sequel? Dubbed Twisters, the new film is technically described in the official publicity materials as “a current-day chapter of the 1996 blockbuster.” It doesn’t feature any of the surviving cast members … Read more

Will There Be a Blockbuster Season 2 Release Date & Is It Coming Out?

Created by Vanessa Ramos, Blockbuster is a workplace comedy TV series streaming on Netflix. The plot revolves around Timmy Yoon, the manager of the last active Blockbuster store in the world, and the people who work with him. After learning that the entire video rental store chain is shutting down, Timmy and his co-workers make … Read more

Ranking 2023’s Blockbuster Movies So Far

Summer is almost over, folks, which means it’s time to reflect on the season and the blockbusters that dominated cinemas from May to August. Overall, it wasn’t a terrible summer, but there wasn’t exactly a slew of memorable content presented to audiences. Instead, we were bombarded with sequels, bland remakes, and only a tiny dash of original … Read more

‘Oppenheimer’ Review: Christopher Nolan’s Literal Blockbuster

As a young academic, J. Robert Oppenheimer witnessed the early days of the field known as quantum mechanics. This was more than a new science, one of Oppenheimer’s associates claims, but a “new way to understand reality.” One can imagine Christopher Nolan’s ears perking up when he heard that phrase. As a director, he is … Read more

Blockbuster Trolls Netflix For Opening Its Own Restaurant

Cooking shows like Chef’s Table, Nailed It!, Is It Cake?and Iron Chef: Quest For an Iron Legend have become a big part of Netflix’s television library. And who doesn’t love a cooking show? They’re light, they’re entertaining, and they require very little mental exertion so they’re perfect to watch after a long day of work. … Read more