Rowoon’s The Matchmakers Episode 10 Photos Tease Romance Between Lead Characters 

KBS released The Matchmakers episode 10 photos ahead of its premiere on Monday, December 4, 2023. Starring Rowoon and Cho Yi-Hyun, the K-drama’s storyline teases romance between the lead characters. In episode 9, Yeo Joo-Daek, aka Soon-Deok, rejected Sim Jung-Woo (Rowoon) after the latter confessed his feelings. But, in the end, she was shocked when … Read more

The Most Hated TV Characters Ever

TV villains: We love to hate ’em. A new poll from Ranker has revealed the most hated television characters of all time, and the list of the top 15 (as of November 2023) is truly a real grab-bag of menacing baddies and… animated kids? Television has delivered some of the most memorable, beloved characters of all … Read more

Iman Vellani says Marvel needs audiences to care about characters

The Marvels star Iman Vellani says that Marvel Studios needs to make audiences care about their characters again. It’s no secret that Marvel Studios isn’t exactly enjoying the same level of praise it did during the Infinity Saga days, but The Marvels star Iman Vellani has a few suggestions to get the franchise back on … Read more

New Disney+ Film Features 543 Different Disney Characters

Disney’s celebration of its own 100th anniversary seems to mainly operate along the theory that more is more. They recently announced a box set that would contain 100 of the studio’s animated movies and cost $1500. (For that price, you could pay for more than ten years of a Disney+ streaming subscription — which you could use to … Read more

Will Cheers characters make cameos in Frasier sequel series?

Frasier showrunners Joe Cristalli and Chris Harris on Cheers characters making cameos in the sequel series. The first two episodes of Frasier are now streaming on Paramount+. Beyond Kelsey Grammer as the titular character, there aren’t a lot of familiar faces in the sequel series. That will change as the season progresses, with both Lilith … Read more

Wilderness Clip Introduces Jenna Coleman & Oliver Jackson-Cohen’s Characters

Ahead of its series debut this Friday, Amazon Studios has revealed the Wilderness clip from the upcoming premiere of its newest thriller. The film stars Jenna Coleman, as she finds herself planning a revenge against her cheating husband. The video introduces Coleman’s Liv and Oliver Jackson-Cohen’s Will as an affectionate married couple who moved to … Read more

Blue Beetle director relieved about character’s futurue in DCU

Blue Beetle director Ángel Manuel Soto has said he’s relieved that Jaime Reyes will have a future in the DCU. While the new DC Universe won’t officially begin until the release of Superman: Legacy, James Gunn has already said that Blue Beetle is the first DCU character. That came as a huge relief to director … Read more

Rosario Dawson reacts to characters fate in Clerks III

Rosario Dawson reacts to her character’s fate in Kevin Smith’s Clerks III, which she admits initially shocked and upset her. Kevin Smith returned to Quick Stop Groceries with Clerks III last year, which brought back a lot of characters from the View Askewniverse. Rosario Dawson returned as Becky Scott, but a tragic twist meant that … Read more

Hocus Pocus LEGO Set Includes Sanderson Sisters, Other Characters

Halloween isn’t almost here, but LEGO is getting the party started early by revealing a Hocus Pocus LEGO setcomplete with characters from the iconic Disney film. When does the Hocus Pocus LEGO set come out? The new LEGO set comes courtesy of its LEGO Ideas, which comes from fan-created ideas that are turned into full … Read more