Destroy All Neighbors movie review (2024)

Lee and her team deserve recognition for helping assemble “Destroy All Neighbors,” a comedy that’s less about the plot—or surreal humor, practical effects, or even individual performers—than its ensemble’s sketch comedy camaraderie. You may not remember this movie beyond isolated quips and gestures, but those moments will stick in your mind given how much fun … Read more

Destroy All Neighbors Review

Shudder’s latest release is a splatterfest with some heart and an absolutely killer soundtrack but it’s Alex Winter that steals the show! PLOT: Struggling prog-rock musician William Brown finds himself in a living nightmare when he accidentally kills Vlad, the neighbor from hell. REVIEW: We’ve all had neighbors that make too much noise and drive … Read more

Destroy All Neighbors posters showcase the characters

A batch of posters showcase the characters we’ll be meeting in the Shudder horror comedy Destroy All Neighbors Jonah Ray Rodrigues, who is best-known for mocking movies through his hosting gig on Mystery Science Theater 3000, has teamed up with Bill S. Preston Esq. himself, Alex Winter, to star in the splatter horror comedy Destroy All Neighbors, a Shudder … Read more

Creatures of the Id: Celebrating Ishirō Honda’s 1968 Masterpiece, Destroy All Monsters | Features

The Godzilla movies likewise began in rage and fire. They ended with Godzilla as an ally of the Japanese, fighting alongside them against all manner of foreign intrusion for the cause of national unity. Godzilla became a source of nationalistic pride for Japan, a symbol of perseverance and rebellion, a flag to follow, and an … Read more