‘Deadpool & Wolverine’ CinemaCon Footage Breakdown

Marvel came to CinemaCon hoping to reassure movie theaters and the media that they have some big things on the horizon. They presented footage from next year’s Captain America: Brave New World, as well as nine minutes of scenes from this summer’s one big Marvel Cinematic Universe project: Deadpool & Wolverine. None of this footage has been … Read more

Romulus footage screens at CinemaCon

Alien: Romulus brings plenty of blood and practical effects in exclusive footage screened at CinemaCon in Las Vegas. Last month, 20th Century Studios unveiled a teaser trailer for Alien: Romulus, director Fede Álvarez’s contribution to the Alien franchise that is set to reach theatres on August 16th. (You can watch the teaser HERE.) With the release date just four … Read more

The Lion King, Moana 2 footage screens at CinemaCon

Disney dazzles the audience at CinemaCon in Las Vegas with new footage from Mufasa: The Lion King and Moana 2. Disney’s presentation at CinemaCon made sure to carve out some time to focus on their upcoming animated movies. We’ve already covered Inside Out 2, but CinemaCon audiences were also treated to teasers for Mufasa: The … Read more

Wicked clicks its heels three times at CinemaCon with fabulous new footage from the Jon M. Chu-directed musical

Universal enchants CinemaCon audience members with an extended look at Jon M. Chu’s adaptation of the Broadway musical. There’s no place like CinemaCon for Universal to debut enchanting new footage for Jon M. Chu’s adaptation of Wicked! On Wednesday, the studio dropped a house on the CinemaCon crowd at Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas, helping Elphaba, … Read more

Argylle trailer only includes footage from the first 28 minutes

Matthew Vaughn says the Argylle trailer only includes footage from first 28 minutes to avoid spoiling some “f**king mind-blowing cool shit.” There’s nothing worse than a trailer that spoils the movie it’s supposed to be promoting, but that won’t be a problem for Matthew Vaughn’s Argylle. The first full trailer for the upcoming spy adventure … Read more

higher budgets and no found footage?

Director Stephen Cognetti is hoping to get higher budgets and to move on from the found footage approach for future Hell House LLC movies Stephen Cognetti has written and directed every entry in the Hell House LLC franchise, which began in 2015 and currently consists of Hell House LLC, Hell House LLC II: The Abaddon Hotel, Hell … Read more

Xbox Partner Preview Will Showcase Third-Party Trailers and Gameplay Footage on Wednesday

Microsoft has announced that it will be holding an Xbox Partner Preview on Wednesday, October 25 to show off titles being developed by the gaming giant’s third-party partners. While the recently revealed showcase promises to give gamers a glimpse of some upcoming PC and Xbox titles, no Activision Blizzard games will be included at this … Read more

Malibu Horror Story brings found footage to caves, California

The first trailer for found footage horror movie Malibu Horror Story has arrived with an October release date. You never know where footage will be found; and this time around, it’s hitting Malibu, California – well, some spooky caves on the outskirts of town, at least. The upcoming Malibu Horror Story has gotten its first … Read more