30 Minutes On: Dune Part Two | MZS

Like the other adaptations of “Dune,” this new one can’t do much with the exotic mix-and-match appropriation of Middle Eastern traditions, language and religious concepts except keep them, since the story wouldn’t be “Dune” without them. But it does seem to consciously lean into it a bit more in the second chapter, perhaps by way of provocation and complication, while … Read more

30 Minutes On: Dune Part One | MZS

“Dune” is the culmination-to-date of Villeneuve’s “simple/gigantic” phase. The story of House Atreides is a tragedy that becomes an underdog revenge-and-reinvention story, while at the same time plugging into mid-century Western pop culture’s fascination with hallucinogenic drugs, altered states of consciousness, a substratum of Orientalism, and what’s now called a “white savior” narrative, in the … Read more

Steven Seagal only had 41 minutes of screen time

While it’s usually considered Steven Seagal’s best movie, in Under Siege, the pony-tailed star’s screen time was limited. Andrew Davis’ Under Siege is usually considered Steven Seagal’s best movie. However, at the time, most critics singled out Tommy Lee Jones’s performance as the baddie, Strannix, as a scene-stealer. According to Nick de Semlyen’s new book, … Read more

30 Minutes On: "Rocky"

As perfect a film as has ever been made, the original 1976 “Rocky” has become part of the pop culture unconscious, holding its spot as tightly as “Casablanca” and “It's a Wonderful Life.” It’s also as much of a medium-realigning work as the blockbuster that came out one year later, the first “Star Wars” (eventually subtitled “A New Hope”), … Read more

Argylle trailer only includes footage from the first 28 minutes

Matthew Vaughn says the Argylle trailer only includes footage from first 28 minutes to avoid spoiling some “f**king mind-blowing cool shit.” There’s nothing worse than a trailer that spoils the movie it’s supposed to be promoting, but that won’t be a problem for Matthew Vaughn’s Argylle. The first full trailer for the upcoming spy adventure … Read more

30 Minutes On: “The Thomas Crown Affair” (1999) | MZS

Pierce Brosnan stars as Crown, a wealthy, mysterious art thief who steals Monet’s masterpiece “San Giorgio Maggiore at Dusk” from the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Rene Russo is Catherine Banning, the insurance investigator who is determined to catch Crown so that her company won’t have to pay the museum $100 million. Brosnan gives one of … Read more