A Former Goldman Sachs Analyst Indicted for Insider Trading May Have Been Caught by Xbox 360 Chat

A former investment analyst at Goldman Sachs who was recently indicted by the FBI for insider trading — along with two associates — may have been caught thanks in part to Xbox 360 chat. While it’s not unusual for developers and publishers to punish volatile players misusing in-game voice chat, it’s decidedly less common for … Read more

Cannes 2023: Monster, The Goldman Case, Occupied City, Strange Way of Life | Festivals & Awards

Although Mr. Hori’s casual lack of concern while meeting with Saori and and the administrators is utterly inexplicable, Kore-eda loops back in time to show events from his point of view, which casts some doubt on who the aggressor is. The director then shows what Minato saw, and focuses on Minato’s relationship with a classmate … Read more