Asphalt City movie review & film summary (2024)

Director Sauvaire likes to chronicle extreme life situations, and his style of sound and vision overload served him reasonably well in the boxing-in-a-Thai-prison punchfest “A Prayer Before Dawn” in 2018. That movie had an unusual narrative that kept it unusually buoyant. The story here is more familiar. You know the deal. You become a big-city … Read more

The Alliance for Downtown Manhattan Invites Filmmakers to Apply for $50,000 Grant to Make a Film in New York City | Chaz’s Journal

The Alliance for Downtown Manhattan has open submissions for their Filmmaker in Chief creative residency to produce, direct and edit a short film in New York City’s Lower Manhattan neighborhood. One filmmaker will win up to $50,000, plus two months in a paid luxury Mint House apartment and two months’ stipend to produce, direct and … Read more

Minus One’s City Destruction Shows the True Terror of the Monster

The wait for Toho Godzilla movies is relatively slow. In the last decade, the Western variant of the giant radioactive lizard has appeared in three films and a TV show with another movie on the near horizon. In that time, we’ll have had two Japanese offerings. But that wait is clearly worth it because, well, … Read more

Occupied City movie review & film summary (2023)

McQueen’s approach, in length and substance, is different from this year’s other Holocaust related films like “The Zone of Interest” or “Origin.” McQueen doesn’t aim to achieve an arresting horror or to explain one person’s grief. This urban interrogation is a frank interplay between survival and oblivion, selflessness and selfishness, continuity and demolition.  While those … Read more

Kokomo City Named IFSN Advocate Award Winner | Features

“Advocating isn’t always pleasant, but advocacy remains to be our greatest ally,” said director D. Smith. “Basic human rights should never be given to someone, It should only be expected. Simply respecting others makes you an advocate. Thank you for this prodigious honor.” “The IFSN Advocate Award was created for filmmakers like D. Smith, who … Read more

Rogue City Is Worth Checking Out

Few cinematic properties entertain me as much as Paul Verhoeven‘s 1987 RoboCop. Violent, gritty, and satirical, the classic sci-fi adventure remains a crisply designed and pertinent film. It’s clever enough to blend not-so-subtle social commentary with thrilling entertainment. You pick it apart from any angle and it holds up. Despite its fascinating premise, compelling ideas, … Read more

Will there be a Justified: City Primeval season 2?

Justified: City Primeval showrunners on the chances of season 2 and how SPOILER was brought back to the series. SPOILERS for Justified: City Primeval. Timothy Olyphant returned as Deputy U.S. Marshal Raylan Givens for a new Justified series based on Elmore Leonard’s crime novel City Primeval: High Noon in Detroit. While the story of Justified: … Read more

Exclusive Garden City, Kansas Trailer Previews Intense Documentary

ComingSoon is debuting an exclusive Garden City, Kansas trailer for the upcoming documentary about the FBI foiling a domestic terrorist plot. The Gravitas Ventures film will debut through video-on-demand platforms on Tuesday, October 10. What is Garden City, Kansas about? “On the High Plains of Southwest Kansas, a thriving community sustained for decades by waves … Read more

Noir City Returns to the Music Box in Chicago | Festivals & Awards

Tuesday, Aug. 29 “Chicago Deadline” (35mm), 7 p.m.: On the trail of a murderer, a reporter (Alan Ladd) falls in love with the dead victim (Donna Reed). Rode picked this film, which he notes, “everyone compares to ‘Laura,’” referring to Otto Preminger’s 1944 noir with a similar premise. “As a tough reporter, Alan Ladd was … Read more