The Last of Us showrunner says he’d be open to spin-offs under certain conditions

The Last of Us spin-offs could happen, but the studio must take great care when expanding the world and its characters. HBO‘s The Last of Us could be the beginning of something much more significant for the network. Development on the second season is already underway, but could there be more in the pipeline? According to The Last … Read more

Tom Cruise says he’d love to keep playing Ethan Hunt until he’s Harrison Ford’s age

Tom Cruise says he’d love to play Ethan Hunt for the Mission: Impossible franchise for as long as Harrison Ford has played Indiana Jones. Tom Cruise is used to go to extremes to thrill audiences with the bombastic action of the Impossible mission franchise, but how long can he cheat death by repeatedly playing MI6 … Read more

John Goodman not sure if he’d work with Roseanne again

Despite playing her onscreen husband for years, John Goodman isn’t entirely sure he would work with Roseanne Barr ever again. After Roseanne Barr started garnering more controversy than ever and was kicked off of her own show – and thus earning an episode of “WTF Happened to This Celebrity?!” – many of her longtime collaborators … Read more

Brian Cox Reflects on Succession’s Final Season, What He’d Do Differently

Early on in Season 4 of Succession, Brian Cox‘s Logan Roy — who until then was the main character of the series — died. The move shocked shocked fans, and set the series up for an unpredictable final run of episodes. Now, Cox reveals feels like killing Roy was a little early. Speaking to BBC … Read more