Jennifer Lopez Is Producing a ‘Bob the Builder’ Movie

Jennifer Lopez is bringing Bob the Builder to the big screen. The singer and actress, 54, has been producing a film adaptation of the British animated construction worker with toymaker Mattel, which owns the brand, seeking to capitalize on the box office success of the Barbie film by putting more of its mascots into cinemas. … Read more

Joseph Fiennes on Playing Villain Opposite Jennifer Lopez

The Jennifer Lopez-led action movie The Mother premieres on Netflix this Friday, May 12. Ahead of its release, ComingSoon Editor-in-Chief Tyler Treese spoke to star Joseph Fiennes about playing the villain and the movie’s global setting. “A deadly female assassin comes out of hiding to protect the daughter that she gave up years before, while … Read more

Jennifer Lopez Is In Full Action Mode in ‘The Mother’ Trailer

This Mother’s Day…great ready to meet…one tough mother. Behold the trailer for The Mother, Jennifer Lopez’s new Netflix thriller. In it, she plays a Liam Neeson-esque warrior/assassin/spy/all-around killer with a very particular set of skills. And when she comes under attack, she uses all those particular skills to destroy the men (including Gael García Bernal!) … Read more

Marry Me Trailer #2 Begins with a Jennifer Lopez Proposal Twist

Universal Pictures has just released the trailer for the upcoming Jennifer Lopez and Owen WIllson comedy romance Marry Me. It poses a question right from the very start. When Jennifer Lopez picks you out of an audience of millions to be her husband, what do you say? No pressure! We’re waiting! Packed with original songs … Read more