Bob Marley crosses $100 million worldwide; Madame Web plunges to 4th place at the box office

Bob Marely: One Love continues its impressive box office run, with it cracking $100 million worldwide. Meanwhile, Madame Web is tanking. The early weekend numbers are starting to roll in, and it’s good news for Bob Marley: One Love, with the audience-friendly biopic crossing an important milestone worldwide. Indeed, the film has now crossed the … Read more

‘A Quiet Place’ Prequel Trailer Reveals Invasion’s ‘Day One’

The A Quiet Place series is a firmly post-apocalyptic horror franchise. The first movie, from 2018, began with the Earth already mostly destroyed by an alien invasion, and followed a handful of survivors as they struggled to endure while making as little noise as possible. (These aliens have extremely sensitive hearing so they are drawn to … Read more

Disney Is Making a ‘Wizards of Waverly Place’ Sequel Series

Long before Only Murders in the Building, Selena Gomez became a star as the lead of the Disney Channel series The Wizards of Waverly Place, which proved to be one of the biggest live-action Disney TV series of an era filled with popular live-action Disney TV series. The show, about the adventures of a trio of young … Read more

When Does It Take Place in the MCU Timeline?

For those wondering where Loki season 2 fits into the MCU timeline, here’s the need-to-know info about when it is set. When does Loki season 2 take place in the MCU timeline? Loki season 2 occurs right after season 1’s ending, outside of the MCU’s main Earth-616 timeline. During one of Avengers: Endgame’s time missions, … Read more

Heartstopper Season 2 Debuts in Second Place on Netflix’s Top 10 TV List as The Lincoln Lawyer Reclaims the Top Spot

The Netflix Top 10 TV List finds Heartstopper Season 2 in second place, with The Lincoln Lawyer reclaiming the top spot! Netflix‘s adaptation of Alice Oseman‘s Heartstopper makes hearts flutter after debuting on Netflix’s Top 10 TV List, with The Lincoln Lawyer returning to the top spot. The chart tabulating Netflix’s English-language series shows Heartstopper drawing 6.1M views, with fans returning … Read more