Isabel May leads Menace, horror film from Night of the Comet writer

1883’s Isabell May will star in Menace, the first movie written by Night of the Comet’s Thom Eberhardt in more than two decades. Would you believe that it has been over 20 years since Night of the Comet director/scribe Thom Eberhardt penned a movie? Well, he’s back, writing upcoming horror movie Menace, which is slated … Read more

The Phantom Menace supposed to look?

DNR vs Grain: Star Wars: The Phantom Menace 25th anniversary screening prompts debate over how the movie is supposed to look. Star Wars: The Phantom Menace recently returned to theaters to celebrate its 25th anniversary, and while it was a real treat to see the first prequel movie on the big screen once again, some … Read more

‘The Phantom Menace’ Is 25 Years Old. Is It Underrated?

For the first time in five years, there’s a Star Wars movie in theaters. It’s not a new one, though. This year, Disney and Lucasfilm used May the 4th to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Star Wars: Episode I – The Phantom Menace, the first Star Wars prequel. (Yes, The Phantom Menace is older today than the first Star Wars was when The Phantom … Read more

Star Wars — Episode I: The Phantom Menace movie review (2024)

Set against awesome backdrops, the characters in “The Phantom Menace” inhabit a plot that is little more complex than the stories I grew up on in science-fiction magazines. The whole series sometimes feel like a cover from Thrilling Wonder Stories, come to life. The dialogue is pretty flat and straightforward, although seasoned with a little … Read more

How The Phantom Menace Predicted Hollywood’s Prequel Future | Features

This Friday, “Star Wars: Episode I – The Phantom Menace” returns to theaters to celebrate its 25th anniversary. Some might wonder what’s there to celebrate—the film was a blockbuster but, on a creative level, wretched—but even its loudest detractors have to acknowledge that “The Phantom Menace” profoundly changed Hollywood. Lucas, who wrote (or co-wrote) and … Read more