The Future of the Movies, Part 3: Fathom Events CEO Ray Nutt | Features

I like to say that we know our audiences, but our content providers really know their audiences as well. We do rely a lot on social media from here, but we’re owned by AMC, Regal, and Cinemark, and we have pre-approved rights to trailering, movie posters, other theater assets, office handouts, things like that, in … Read more

Paramount has “a plan” for the future of Star Trek movies

Paramount Pictures reportedly has “a plan” for the future of Star Trek movies, according to Roddenberry Entertainment’s Trevor Roth. It’s been eight years since the release of the last Star Trek movie, which, believe it or not, is actually the largest gap between movies since the franchise first hit the big screen in 1979. There … Read more

She Knew: The Women of Science Fiction Who Predicted the Future | Features

The Lathe of Heaven PART THREE: POLITICAL RUIN In the realm of speculative fiction, few authors have captured societal upheaval and the potential for political ruin as incisively as Octavia E. Butler and Ursula K. Le Guin. Their works, particularly Butler’s Xenogenesis series (Lilith’s Brood) and Parable Duology, along with Le Guin’s The Lathe of … Read more

Dark Star’s Raw Ingredients Show a Bright Future

This year marks the 50th anniversary of John Carpenter’s feature-length directorial debut. ComingSoon will cover each of the horror master’s films throughout 2024 as we chart his career from humble beginnings with a beach ball to the change in career direction that saw him bow out of movies for a while. Back in 1974, a … Read more

What Back To The Future Part II Got Right!

Whenever the future is depicted in movies, it is generally a dark, depressing dystopian future where something happens in our present that sets forth the collapse of our society. Even Disney is not immune to showing us a future where Earth is no longer inhabitable (the beloved Wall-E). But occasionally, a movie shows a future … Read more

Edward Zwick Is Revisiting His Past, Wondering About His Future | Interviews

Your last film, “Trial by Fire,” was 2018. Do you ever think, “Was that the last one I’ll ever direct?” I think I felt that every time that I finished a movie and took a couple of years to get [another] movie going. I was sick 17 years ago [Editor’s note: Zwick was diagnosed with … Read more

The Future of the Movies, Part 1 | Features

It’s always tempting to look at the future of movies through a doomsday filter. With mankind on the precipice of fulfilling science fiction’s dystopian prediction about planet-conquering robots, hurtling toward its own self-prophesied demise like a moth to the flame, there are plenty of reasons to be pessimistic. Yet 2023 also provided us with numerous … Read more

Nolan remains optimistic about future of cinema after Oppenheimer

Christopher Nolan sees the tremendous box office success of Oppenheimer as a sign that the state of moviegoing is on the upswing. Nobody would have thought that a three-hour movie about the father of the atomic bomb would be one of the highest-grossing movies of the year, giving pink dolls, plumber brothers and the Guardians’ … Read more