‘Transformers One’ Trailer Reveals the Origin of the Transformers

The latest Transformers movie will look very different. Instead of live-action, the franchise is going back to its roots in animation. And it’s going back to its roots narratively as well, as Transformers One is an origin story for the Transformers, revealing how they became robots in disguise and more than meets the eye and various other … Read more

The Next ‘Star Trek’ Will Be An ‘Origin’ For the Whole Franchise

It’s been eight years and counting since the last Star Trek film debuted in theaters, 2016’s Star Trek Beyond. While Star Trek is pumping out tons of TV shows on Paramount+, it’s still not clear when we might see Trek back in movie theaters. A new article in Variety on the state of Star Trek indicates though, that the film project that is furthest … Read more

New Origin Trailer Previews Moving Drama From Selma’s Ava DuVernay

Neon has released a new trailer for Ava DuVernay’s Origin. Directed by Selma’s DuVernay, Origin is an upcoming drama movie starring Aunjanue Ellis-Taylor and Jon Bernthal. The movie is based on Isabel Wilkerson’s Caste: The Origins of Our Discontents novel, which was published in 2020. Check out the Origin trailer below (watch more trailers): What is … Read more

Wonka first reactions praise wacky & whimsical origin story

Following the world premiere of Wonka, the first reactions praise the wacky and whimsical origin story of the eccentric chocolatier. While many rolled their eyes at the thought of a Willy Wonka origin story, the talent of those involved started to win people over. Writer/director Paul King achieved perfection with his Paddington movies and Timothée … Read more

Fincher lost Spider-Man because he called origin story “dumb”

David Fincher was on the shortlist to direct 2002’s Spider-Man but couldn’t commit to the “dumb” origin story. David Fincher might not have seemed like the most natural choice for directing a Spider-Man movie, but in 1999, he was considered for the gig – that is, until Sony heard his pitch, which ditched the traditional … Read more

The Origin of Evil movie review (2023)

Her role is of a down-at-heels ex-convict who works at an anchovy-packing plant, yech. The environment and the largely lost souls who work in it are conveyed in a widescreen frame that’s almost entirely grayscale. She’s being kicked out of her rented room by a landlady who’s reuniting with her estranged daughter. Her imprisoned girlfriend … Read more

TIFF 2023: Memory, The Promised Land, Origin | Festivals & Awards

From this unusual starting point, Michel Franco (“Sundown”) weaves a tale of a unique relationship. Sylvia knows how to care for people as a worker at a public home, but she co-exists with her trauma in a way that has led to addiction in the past. She alternates work, AA meetings, and caring for her … Read more