The Biggest Movie Flops That Killed Planned Franchises

Whether you like it or not, Hollywood is built on franchises, where successful films get an endless supply of sequels, spinoffs, and reboots that invite audiences to experience the stuff they liked over and over again. Most of these franchises are successful: our current industry is shaped by the young adult fantasy adaptations and superhero … Read more

Grey’s Anatomy, Martin, Sopranos, and more TV cast reunions planned for the 75th Emmy Awards

Cast members of Grey’s Anatomy, Martin, The Sopranos, and more are reuniting for the 75th Emmy Awards ceremony. TV cast reunions are all the rage right now, thanks to shows like Frasier, Night Court, And Just Like That… and more. Audiences love nostalgia, and TV networks know people will tune in to see their favorite ensembles reunited. Luckily, for … Read more

Under Siege Reboot Planned at HBO Max, Will Steven Seagal Return as Cook Casey Ryback?

An Under Siege reboot is in development. While there’s no word at this time of original star Steven Segal returning, either in front or behind the camera, Deadline reports that movement has begun on a reboot of the 1992 action movie. The project is in the works at Warner Bros. with Timo Tjahjanto on board … Read more