The World’s Biggest Jewelry Box: Kristin Joseff on Hollywood’s Favorite Jeweler, Joseff of Hollywood | Interviews

In an interview with, Kristin Joseff, part of the family’s third generation to run the business, talks about the exhibit, the Joseff detour into the aerospace business, and expanding via social media and online ordering. Let’s start by talking about you. Where did you grow up, and what did you do before you came … Read more

‘Shrek 2’ Was One of the Biggest Movies in Theaters Last Weekend

A Shrek is back in the weekend box-office charts. What year is this?!? Last I looked, it is still 2024. But in mid-April 2024, one of the ten most popular movies in theaters was Shrek 2, the second of four bizarrely popular Shrek animated movies from DreamWorks. This movie first debuted in theaters in 2004, making 2024 its … Read more

’Road House’ Is Amazon’s Biggest Movie Debut Ever

If any streaming movie can be a “hit,” it looks like Road House is a hit. The 2024 update of the ’80s classic debuted recently on Amazon’s Prime Video. According to Amazon, the movie has already notched “50 million viewers” since its premiere on streaming on March 21. The new film stars Jake Gyllenhaal as Dalton, a … Read more

The Biggest Movie Flops That Killed Planned Franchises

Whether you like it or not, Hollywood is built on franchises, where successful films get an endless supply of sequels, spinoffs, and reboots that invite audiences to experience the stuff they liked over and over again. Most of these franchises are successful: our current industry is shaped by the young adult fantasy adaptations and superhero … Read more

The 13 Biggest Oscars Scandals Ever

Like any live event, the Academy Awards just want to make sure everything that’s supposed to happen during their big night happens smoothly. Like any live event, mishaps are inevitable. Those who follow Hollywood’s most high-profile show love nothing more than a good on-screen or behind-the-scenes scandal, and the Oscars are rife with drama both … Read more

The 13 TV Shows With the Biggest Casts

There is something to be said for television shows who keep things minimal and sleek, shows with a core group of cast members occasionally seasoned by additional supporting or guest stars. Then again, there’s nothing like the rush of watching a show with a cast so big every scene seems to have a new character … Read more