Steven Seagal once broke Sean Connery’s wrist while training him for a Bond movie

Before he was an action star, Steven Seagal trained Sean Connery for a James Bond movie, and broke his wrist. Many people may not know this, but before Steven Seagal’s action movie heyday, he worked as a martial arts instructor and choreographer. Most famously, he was super agent Michael Ovitz’s martial arts teacher. Ovitz, notoriously, … Read more

Steven Seagal only had 41 minutes of screen time

While it’s usually considered Steven Seagal’s best movie, in Under Siege, the pony-tailed star’s screen time was limited. Andrew Davis’ Under Siege is usually considered Steven Seagal’s best movie. However, at the time, most critics singled out Tommy Lee Jones’s performance as the baddie, Strannix, as a scene-stealer. According to Nick de Semlyen’s new book, … Read more

Michael Caine slighted Steven Seagal at On Deadly Ground debut

Academy Award winner Michael Caine delivered a humorous slight towards Steven Seagal after seeing 1994’s On Deadly Ground. After a string of “Steven Seagal is…” movie — Above the Law, Marked for Death, etc. — it was time for him to direct his first: 1994’s On Deadly Ground. It, expectedly, was an absolute dud, something … Read more

Under Siege Reboot Planned at HBO Max, Will Steven Seagal Return as Cook Casey Ryback?

An Under Siege reboot is in development. While there’s no word at this time of original star Steven Segal returning, either in front or behind the camera, Deadline reports that movement has begun on a reboot of the 1992 action movie. The project is in the works at Warner Bros. with Timo Tjahjanto on board … Read more