Texas Chain Saw Massacre Game is a Promising Tribute to the Bloody Original | Video Games

There’s a fair bit of narrative backbone for an online multiplayer game where one group of players tries to hunt and kill their four “Victims.” Currently, the roster of playable Victims includes five original characters, and they’re all in this mess to help their friend Ana Flores (voiced by “My Adventures with Superman”’s Jeannie Tirado). … Read more

Peacock’s Based on a True Story is a Frustrating but Promising True-Crime Parody | TV/Streaming

But by episode six in this first season, “Based on a True Story” finally develops into something meaty and noteworthy. With a darkness that’s familiar to “The Boys,” “Based on a True Story” starts showing how true crime isn’t fun when you’re in the narrative. And with brazenly open dialogue (“Money’s great!”), the series riffs … Read more

Believer Reactions From Test Screening Aren’t Promising

Early Exorcist: Believer reactions are in, and according to a report from World of Reel, the film had a less-than-stellar showing in front of test audiences. What were early reactions to Exorcist: Believer? In the report, it’s mentioned that early reactions for David Gordon Green’s planned sequel to the horror classic have been “not good.” … Read more

Brian Tyree Henry, Kate Mara Star in Promising Thriller Class of ’09 | TV/Streaming

Henry and Mara aren’t alone. Sepideh Moafi matches her great work on last year’s “Black Bird” with a strong, vulnerable performance as Hour, a cadet obsessed with data and how the FBI uses it. She realizes there are so many law enforcement officers out there who aren’t sharing information and strives to find a way … Read more

Netflix’s Promising The Diplomat is Anchored by Great Performances | TV/Streaming

More than anything else, if “The Diplomat” finds an audience, it will be because of the undeniable joy of watching the insanely talented Keri Russell and Rufus Sewell argue, flirt, and challenge each other with spectacular chemistry and believable backstories. The stars of “The Americans” and “Dark City” respectively play a powerful couple thrust into … Read more