Mel Gibson, Dominic Purcell, Nick Stahl, and Kate Bosworth star in a new crime thriller

Lionsgate’s Confidential Informant trailer finds Mel Gibson, Dominic Purcell, Nick Stahl, and more caught in a downward spiral of crime. Lionsgate debuted an explosive trailer for its new thriller Confidential Informant on Tuesday, bringing Mel Gibson, Dominic Purcell, and more to screens for a film about corruption, cover-ups, and the fallout from times at war. … Read more

Video Interview: Miranda Otto, Kate Mulvaney on Hulu’s The Clearing | interview

The new eight-part Hulu series “The Clearing” (on Disney+ outside of the US) is based on a novel by JP Pomare called In the Clearing, which was inspired by a real-life cult named “The Family” that began in Australia in the mid ’60s. The Australian doomsday cult was one of the few led by a … Read more

Brian Tyree Henry, Kate Mara Star in Promising Thriller Class of ’09 | TV/Streaming

Henry and Mara aren’t alone. Sepideh Moafi matches her great work on last year’s “Black Bird” with a strong, vulnerable performance as Hour, a cadet obsessed with data and how the FBI uses it. She realizes there are so many law enforcement officers out there who aren’t sharing information and strives to find a way … Read more