The Killing Vote Episode 9 Photos Preview a Sentimental Reunion

New photo stills of The Killing Vote Episode 9 has been released. The thriller Korean drama centers around a mysterious masked figure known as Gaetal who holds the death penalty against vicious criminals who manage to escape the rightful punishment by law. The Killing Vote Episode 9 is set to explore the reunion between Kwon … Read more

A ‘Se7en’ Reunion For David Fincher

For the first time since Se7en, director David Fincher and writer Andrew Kevin Walker have collaborated on a new feature (at least with credited work; Walker has supposedly done uncredited rewrites on projects like The Game and Fight Club, and written other scripts for Fincher that never got made). This one got made; it’s called The Killer (no relation to the … Read more

Good Burger 2 Teaser Reveals First Look at Kenan and Kel Reunion

Surely one of the most unlikely sequels in history is almost here: Good Burger 2. Yes, Kenan and Kel are back. And they’re are back at Good Burger (the home of the Good Burger). First announced officially in March of this year, the film reunites Kenan Thompson and Kel Mitchell as they resurrect their popular characters from … Read more

Netflix’s ‘Reptile’ Is an ‘Excess Baggage’ Reunion

Netflix’s Reptile follows an aging detective who gets sucked into a mystery after the death of a local real estate agent. Although it sounds simple enough, the incident is getting to our detective, and everyone’s a suspect. The film stars the likes of Benicio del Toro, Justin Timberlake, and Alicia Silverstone. The movie also marks the … Read more