Infamous ‘Titanic’ Door Sells For Over $718,000 at Auction

The door that served a key role in the final scenes of Titanic — and in the years since has become the subject of much internet debate — has sold at auction for a whopping $718,750. That astronomical figure shows just how important that door has become in the fandom around James Cameron’s massively popular ’90s drama … Read more

Guy Ritchie’s The Gentlemen Stumbles Through the Door from Film to TV | TV/Streaming

Eddie Horniman (Theo James) plays a suave gentleman who gets sucked into a criminal empire that he’s consistently trying to avoid. When his wealthy father passes away, Eddie discovers that dad had a few cohorts who operated on the other side of the law, which quickly results in the heir having to help manage various … Read more

The Red Door Takes Down Indiana Jones 5

Insidious: The Red Door scared away the competition at the box office, raking in an impressive $32.65 million domestically and $31.4M overseas for a solid $64M worldwide opening. According to Deadline, that’s the best horror film debut since 2019 and the second-best start for the Insidious franchise domestically after Chapter 2’s $40.2M opening in 2013. … Read more

The Red Door Thursday numbers grossed close to Indy 5

The new entry in the haunted house series from James Wan starts with an opening that nearly matches the legacy action icon. The mega-budget movie bubble is seeing some imploding this year, with summer tentpoles sporting highly recognizable IP names taking some blows at the box office. Meanwhile, mid-budget movies that seem like riskier ventures … Read more

Apple TV’s The Big Door Prize is a Hapless Muddle | TV/Streaming

Adapted from the MO Walsh novel of the same name by a team that includes David West Read (“Schitt’s Creek”), “The Big Door Prize” features an ensemble cast led by Chris O’Dowd as Dusty, a high school European history teacher (and expert whistler) whom we meet on his 40th birthday. After celebrating forty separate goofy … Read more