Edgar Wright Is Actively Developing ‘Running Man’ Reboot

Edgar Wright’s reboot of The Running Man is in active development. The 49-year-old director is working on a movie based on Stephen King’s novel of the same name and has promised that his take will be more faithful to the story than the 1987 dystopian flick that starred Arnold Schwarzenegger. Edgar told the Happy Sad … Read more

Ti West’s The Innkeepers Finds Horror in the Running of a Dying Hotel

Ti West has become a prominent name in horror with X and Pearl, but the same eye for the offbeat and sinister in the seemingly mundane has always been there. In 2011’s The Innkeepers, West pushed the mundanity to its limit. To persevere with it largely depends on how relatable you find the shenanigans of … Read more

Mads Mikkelsen Reportedly in the Running for Doctor Doom

With the cast of the upcoming Fantastic Four movie having been potentially revealed, a new report is suggesting that Mads Mikkelsen is being eyed for an iconic villainous role. According to a recent report from John Campea, Mikkelsen is one of several actors that Marvel Studios is considering to play the role of none other … Read more

Impossible supercut of Tom Cruise running

Paramount is celebrating Tom Cruise’s birthday with a video featuring all of the scenes of him running in the Mission Impossible franchise. It’s Tom Cruise’s birthday today, and Paramount is celebrating the star’s birthday in style. If there’s anything the now 61-year-old star is known for, it’s his distinctive on-screen run. Whether he’s Maverick or … Read more

Release Date, Running Time & More

Christopher Nolan’s Oppenheimer, with Cillian Murphy and an all-star cast, is coming soon. Here’s everything we know. How far should humanity go in the name of science? And how far is too far? These are questions that J. Robert Oppenheimer undoubtedly asked himself when he undertook the task of creating the world’s first atomic bomb, … Read more