James Gunn’s ‘Superman’ Will Be Shot Entirely in IMAX

James Gunn’s Superman is going to be shot in IMAX. Gunn himself confirmed that interesting tidbit in response to a fan question on Threads. After sharing footage from the movie’s European locations, Gunn confirmed that “the whole movie is shot in IMAX.” In recent years, the large-scale format has become the shooting style of choice for many blockbuster filmmakers. … Read more

Christopher Nolan’s epic tale of destruction returns to IMAX 70mm in early 2024

Christopher Nolan’s Oppenheimer will return to IMAX theaters in January 2024 for another special 70mm presentation. Oppenheimer, one of the year’s most significant box office bangers, will return to IMAX theaters in 70mm in early 2024. The film’s third theatrical release happens in January, with the premium screening format treating cinephiles to the ultimate Oppenheimer screening. Oppenheimer is … Read more

Oppenheimer fans making road-trips to see IMAX 70mm version

Fans of Christopher Nolan’s Oppenheimer are making hours-long road-trips just to see the IMAX 70mm version of the film. Christopher Nolan’s Oppenheimer was released in various film formats, the rarest being the IMAX 70mm print. There are reportedly only 30 screens worldwide showing the IMAX 70mm version of Oppenheimer, which has led fans to take … Read more

When Will Oppenheimer Leave Movie Theaters and IMAX Cinemas?

Oppenheimer has been wowing audiences for almost two weeks now, but some folks who haven’t yet seen it are wondering “When will Oppenheimer leave movie theaters and IMAX cinemas?” Here’s when the new Christopher Nolan movie is expected to leave cinemas. When will Oppenheimer stop being shown in movie theaters? Oppenheimer is scheduled to leave … Read more

Oppenheimer featurette shows how the movie utilizes IMAX film

Christopher Nolan continues to give audiences the best possible film image as he continues his preferred IMAX format for Oppenheimer. Christopher Nolan has been a champion for the most immersive experience that can be had at the cinema. This does not mean he would shoot a movie in 3D like James Cameron, though. Nor does … Read more

The Flash International & IMAX Trailers Show More of Next DC Movie

After a brand new trailer was showcased following Warner Bros. Discovery’s CinemaCon presentation, The Flash international and IMAX trailers have been released. The latest looks at the highly anticipated superhero movie come from The Flash’s IMAX and international trailers. While both trailers don’t have a ton of new footage, they do have some new things, … Read more