Harry Shearer gets told The Simpsons is too “woke”

Harry Shearer, who was removed from voicing Black character Dr. Julius Hibbert, says he gets told that The Simpsons went “woke.” The Simpsons has come under repeated scrutiny for its voice cast, particularly the various races and cultures they are representing. The most damning attacks have been at Hank Azaria, who voiced Kwik-E-Mart owner Apu … Read more

The Simpsons producer apologizes for death of long-time character

The Simpsons co-executive producer Tim Long apologizes for the shocking death of long-time character Larry the barfly. Larry Dalrymple is no more. The frequent regular of Moe’s Tavern was killed off in a recent episode of The Simpsons and fans are quite upset with the death of the long-time character. While speaking with Variety, The … Read more

O.J. Simpson’s Former Agent Says Actor ‘Confessed He Killed Ex’

O.J. Simpson’s former sports agent says the acquitted double-murder suspect confessed to his ex-wife’s murder while high on a cocktail of drugs and drink. The NFL running back-turned actor, who died on April 10 aged 76 from prostate cancer, avoided jail in 1995 when he was cleared in criminal court of the slaughter of his … Read more

Epstein Victim Forced to Massage ‘Simpsons’ Creator’s Feet

The Simpsons creator Matt Groening allegedly received a foot massage from one of Jeffrey Epstein’s victims — and apparently his feet were so “funky” she almost vomited during the ordeal. According to The Mirror, in a manuscript for a memoir released alongside the hundreds of legal documents unsealed this past Wednesday (Jan. 3), Epstein accuser … Read more

The Simpsons Season 35 Episode 4 Release Date & Time on Hulu

The Simpsons Season 35 Episode 4 release date and time have been revealed. The episode will air on Fox and then will be available for streaming on Hulu on the following day. The fourth episode is titled ‘Thirst Trap: A Corporate Love Story’. Set in Springfield, this satirical comedy follows the Simpsons as they navigate … Read more

The Simpsons Season 35 Episode 2 Release Date & Time on Hulu

The Simpsons Season 35 Episode 2 release date and time have been revealed. The episode will air on Fox and will be then available for online streaming on Hulu. It is titled “A Mid-Childhood Night’s Dream.” Created by Matt Groening, this animated sitcom follows the life of the Simpson family: parents Homer and Marge, and … Read more

Hank Azaria thinks The Simpsons will hit at least 40 seasons

Comic Book Guy and Professor Fink will live on, as Hank Azaria suspects The Simpsons will easily hit 40 seasons and possibly beyond. With nearly 34 complete seasons and just under 750 episodes, The Simpsons holds the record for being the longest-running animated series, scripted primetime series and sitcom. And, as it goes, it is … Read more